Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One year later

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When I first decided to start writing this wee blog here, I had no intention of ever sharing it. I just wanted a little place to keep track of what I then hoped/thought would be my last year in NYC and play around with coding (I should say "coding"). I also thought it was only fair that after so many years of listening in to others share their stories, that I reciprocated, especially when it comes to people I've been following for years.

Right now, as far as I know, no one in my family (apart from R), nor people in my life here know about my corner of the Web—two friends that live far away do, as well as all the people I've "met" through the blog world, but that's it. And my reluctance to share is not because I write anything scandalous (as you know), but just because I started quietly and to be honest, after two aborted attempts previously, I didn't think it would stick around this long. So after thinking about it for a few weeks last year, I just powered up Blogger and gave it a go.

I didn't give much thought to the context or the "lens" through which I write (as you might have guessed from the somewhat flimsy name/address I post under). But now that it's lasted this long, perhaps it's time for a little dusting? A bit of updating and re-skinning? I've got some ideas, but haven't had a chance to think them through all the way, but perhaps in a few weeks (or, months) you'll find me in a new place. A place you'd be most welcome to join me.

But, I do have one teensy favor to ask of you.
Soho - Downton NYC Skyline  |  One year later on *sparklingly  |  http://sparklingly.blogspot.com
While I'm so grateful to see the sweet gals that take the time to leave an encouraging word or funny note, I'd love, love, love if the rest of you would chime in, too. Nothing fancy or detailed, but just a hello. I can see your electronic footprints tracking here from all parts of the country, and few from other countries (!), but that's not a proper way to make one's acquaintance, now is it?

How about you leave a little "howdy" down below in the comments and maybe tell me how you found your way here if you remember and...your favorite cocktail (or, tea/coffee drink for you teetotalers).

Pretty please? It can be your birthday/anniversary gift to me.

PS. I'm going to be so mortified if y'all don't respond.
PPS. I'm hitting publish anyway. Eeeek!

One year ago: Turning the page


  1. Im so glad I stumbled upon you through Amanda blog. I am so excited to see what direction you will take your blog to but whatever it is - I will be tagging along the journey. XOXO - Gin & Tonic lover :)

    1. Hello, G&T gal! Thanks for sticking around after finding your way here from Amanda's. Always glad to see your name pop up with a comment. Nice to have you, dear :).

  2. Hello from Texas (soon to be Southern California)! I seriously enjoy your blog, and rarely comment, sorry! Your writing is so beautiful, and as a former NYC resident, I enjoy seeing pictures of the City (I miss it!). Happy Birthday & Anniversary!

    Favorite cocktail? Moscow Mule. If they're on the menu, I can't resist :)

    1. Erin! I'm SO glad to meet you! Thanks for leaving a note :). Love being able to put a name to a presence :).

      And, thanks for the sweet things you said. Happy to serve up little doses of the city for you. Good luck with your move to Southern California (ooo, nice!)!

      Off to Google what exactly a Moscow Mule is now... ;)

    2. If you like ginger, I think you'll love a Moscow Mule! The key is using a good quality ginger beer. My fiance and I selected it as our signature cocktail for our upcoming wedding :) There is also a tequila version called a Mexican Mule. I'm partial to vodka, though.

    3. I do love ginger! And, I'm also a bit of a tequila fan, as well, so I'll just have to try both concoctions! Love that you and your fiance are having a signature cocktail at your wedding. Lots of big things coming up for you! Good luck with move prep and wedding planning! :) (And congratulations on the latter!).

  3. Happy birthday/anniversary, J! I'm so happy you decided to keep blogging this time around. As you already know, I always look forward to your posts and love your suggestions for how to live a better life (one small tweak at a time!). Let's see...favorite cocktail? I rarely drink, but I'm a sucker for anything exotic-sounding or with new-to-me ingredients. If it's bubbly and pink, even better. :)
    I'm also thining about a little blog re-design. It's kind of exciting!

    1. Hi there! Strangest thing, just came back from a walk and there was a gal a few steps ahead of me with brown hair in a ponytail, accompanied by two puggles and I was thisclose to saying, "Amanda...?!"

      Thanks for the well wishes and for always leaving such nice notes here and on Instagram and wherever else! Love how we're often on the same wavelength about things and I'm always getting new ideas from you, too! We'll have to make some exotic, bubbly pink drinks happen if we're ever in the other's city! And, excited to see how you do your redesign! I tried my hand at a few things, but I may have to seek a professional's help :).


    2. That's too funny! It is rare that you see someone walking two puggles. Well, you will know it's me if Barley makes eye contact and tries to jump on you. We are still working on his manners. ;)
      Aaron is helping me with my redesign (one of the perks of marrying a designer), although it may take a little while because he's super busy with work and I have to (gently) nag him to work on it. What I want is simple though, and I'm trying to stick with Thesis so I don't have to spend more money and hire a developer.

    3. Ooo, nicely done with the designer husband! :) I tried to tap in to my agency's designers/coders for help, but hard to do without me giving too much away, so I'm on my own at the moment. Will see how that goes.

      And, good luck with lil' Barley's continued etiquette training! ;)

  4. just catching up... a whole year! waw! that's a good date. you know I always go on and on about how thrilled I am you're blogging again!! And very exciting about updates you're planning... Keep it up! big HUGS! ps: favorite cocktail- dirty martini, but I'm a champagne girl through and through.

    1. Hiya! I've missed your comments! But, since I know you had a perfectly valid excuse, I'll forgive you :).

      Thanks for welcoming me back last year and cheering me on for the last 365 days! Xx.

      PS. Excellent drink choices!

  5. Hi! I'm a G&T girl and with summer coming up, i'm buying myself a big bottle of gin! But when i go out for dinner, i like a glass of bubbly.


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