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1 month of Pure Synergy vitamins & superfood powder

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Remember how I was going to do a little tweak to my daily routine and start taking a vitamin and nutritional supplement? Well, I ended up purchasing the Women's Wellness Pack A (daily vitamin/herb supplement in tablet form + superfood powder) from The Synergy Company because I liked that none of their ingredients were synthetic, everything was organic, the company is a small business in Utah and their business and wellness philosophy were inspiring.

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{ Pure Synergy Superfood Powder }
Here's how it went:

Day 1: Took 1 vitamin (recommended dosage is 6 daily) and made a green smoothie with a teaspoon of the superfood powder for breakfast (recommended dosage is 1 tablespoon). I eat a LOT of vegetables, but that initial whiff of the powder was tough even for me to take. Yawned all day, no change in digestion, energy, etc. Feeling majorly bummed and wondering if I just wasted $100.

Day 3: Still suspect about the amount of money I spent on this stuff. No change in energy level/digestion/etc. Sigh.

Day 5: Status quo.

Day 7: Coming down with a cold—think it's a mixture of non-stop work and wonky weather (a 30-degree day followed by a 60-degree day and I had the wrong outerwear)—and I'm averse to taking NyQuil/DayQuil or any of its ilk, so when I woke up all funky Saturday morning I made a larger-than-usual glass of superfood drink and took 3 pills.

Day 9: I followed the same sick-girl routine as Day 7 and I feel the cold/flu whatever it is going away. So, maybe there's something to this stuff? Don't know yet.

Day 20-something: Faithfully taking my dosages, but don't feel any different.

Day 30-something:  Well, I'm sad to say that perhaps this wasn't the best investment. I really haven't noticed any major difference after about a month. I'll finish up my supply, but I wouldn't buy it again.

Of course if something changes (like maybe it's not built up in my system enough and I'll soon feel burst of energy/clear skin/better digestion/stronger hair and nails, although that seems unlikely), I'll come back to update you, but I'm a bit disappointed.


  1. What a bummer you didn't have better results! Live and learn, right? I'm also working on improving my energy, skin, etc. I cut out all gluten a couple of weeks ago (instead of "oh, well I'll just have a little wheat bread just this once...") and also processed sugar (dates never tasted so good!). It's not easy, but my energy is much more stable, and I'm hoping my skin will be less reactive. And as of yesterday, I'm giving dry brushing a try. Lots of small changes that will hopefully leave me feeling more balanced. Fingers crossed. :)

    1. Seriously bummed! Especially since this was my near-last-ditch effort to get some results: I've been off processed sugar for 5-6 years, gluten for almost 2, and natural sugars like honey, maple syrup, stevia, etc.for the last 6 months, and still tired. Sigh. :/

      My actual last-ditch effort is next month when I seek professional help--I've made an appointment with a functional medicine doctor to see what's what.

      I'm glad you're having such good results, though--gives me hope that there's something else I'm missing, just haven't figured out what it is yet! Let me know how skin brushing goes, have always been intrigued, but never made the effort to get the brush and try it myself.


    2. No stevia either? That's tough. Stevia's been my crutch while I'm getting used to not eating all of the others. Eventually, I'd like to wean myself of of that too.

      Definitely let me know if you learn anything interesting after you meet with the functional medicine doctor. It's so hard to pinpoint what's causing the issues - diet, hormones, sleep,'ll figure it out eventually though. Winter weather certainly doesn't help!

    3. I've actually never even tried it! For years I only used raw cane sugar in baking/coffee/tea and one day I just stopped (to be fair, I haven't baked a full-on cake in a while).

      But for coffee/tea, what helped was that I decided to go cold turkey with sugar while at the same time reintroducing full-fat milk (which I hadn't had since...elementary school). The easily-digestible lactose in milk adds enough sweetness to make up for the sugar (not at first of course, but eventually). I've had luck with using coconut oil for a sweet taste (in things like smoothies or pancakes), too.

      I'm not at all opposed to the idea of using stevia, I just knew that for me it'd be easier to make a full stop rather than a gradual reduction or interim substitution—-sometimes I'm a wee bit immune to the idea of moderation ;). It was the same with gluten. At first I found all these gluten-free replacements, but I felt much better when I just stopped trying to find gluten-free bread, cereal, etc., and just began eating different things (e.g., more vegetables, tempeh, eggs.).

      There's still sugar in my diet (because, let's face it, I'm not about to live a life that doesn't include chocolate or fruit every so often, etc.), I just wanted to do what I could to not make a habit of adding it myself. Although, if I go to the FM doctor and turns out there's something else that's causing my constant lethargy, I will make a stop for honey/dates/stevia on the way home and bake myself a proper gluten-free cake. (Am currently highly obsessed with this, my one true cake:

      PS. My appointment's in a few weeks——will let you know what I find out!

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