Tuesday, June 4, 2013

All the small things

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I sometimes find myself getting catastrophically upset / disappointed over small things (also known as: seriously sweating the small stuff).

Like last week. I was walking a few blocks in Soho to drop off a bag of clothes at a thrift store. I had on camel flats with gold accents, hot pink cropped pants, and a gray tee with a hot pink graphic. I also had my hair up in my Scandi braided bun and was sporting an Indian gold ring with a fuchsia ruby and one of my pairs of dangly, probably-too-much-for-work, gold earrings. I tell you this to underscore how cute I felt—until the usually charming cobblestoned Crosby street caused me to lurch awkwardly forward, sending my beloved gleaming Samsung Galaxy 3 shooting out of my pants pocket and tumbling down onto the rocky street.

After swaddling the poor thing and toting it back to the office I examined it thoroughly (post-disinfection, naturally), and lo—after just over a year of ownership, I had my first smattering of screen scratches. At first I thought they were linty bits from my tote bag—that's how airy and light they are, but no. Obnoxious, full-on scratches on my Gorilla Glass. Pretty remarkable that it lasted a year being scratch free, but now my formerly glam phone is looking a little schlumpy. Of course I'm the only one who would ever notice, but that didn't prevent a frenzied, panicky Googling episode to figure out how to remove all those pesky marks without spending a fortune.

See? Totally sweating the small stuff.


  1. I NEVER SWEAT the small stuff (or big stuff either) but this post has made me break out in SWEAT!!!! NOT THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!! The precious beautiful samsung!! So DID you find a way to remove the scratches??? I will send you a website to order a super cute cover for him. However you can congratulate yourself that a phone took a tumble and came up with just a scratch, just imagine what would have happened to an iphone? they'd be picking out the shards into next century and cute furry NYC dwellers (rats?) would be hurting themselves for years...
    oh yeah....and are you OK? :)

    1. I KNOW! Was heartbroken! No, didn't find a way to remove the scratches, unfortunately. They really are quite minute, but I still *see* them, which irks me. I had a cute cover (with raised edges which always protected the screen before), but since it fell on a cobblestone street, the phone went between the rocks and that's how it got scratched up. Sigh. You're right, though, one consolation is that it still works perfectly (and still looks beautiful...from a few feet away). ;)

      PS. HA @ the rats amidst the iPhone shards.

    2. Oh, and I'm fine, thanks! Just a stubbed toe and a few moments of embarrassment ;).

  2. I think I saw a pict of these hot pink pants on fb? Super cute!

    1. Probably, I love these bad boys and have been wearing them kinda non stop. Thanks! :)


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