Friday, April 26, 2013

Fratelli d'Italia

Paradiso Beach Club in Letojanni  |  Fratelli d'Italia  |  *sparklingly []
{ Letojanni, the Sicilian seaside town down down the hill from Roberto's hometown  |  June 2008 }
 A little weekend happy news (for me)—we just heard that the Italian consulate had a cancellation and they've bumped up our appointment up by two months! In just a few weeks I'll be strolling down Fifth Avenue with my myriad notarized and apostille'd documents to lay at their Gucci-clad feet.

PS. Fratelli d'Italia

Sicilian Folk Musicians  |  Fratelli d'Italia  |  *sparklingly []
{ Sicilian musicians at our second wedding in Sicily  |  September 2010 }

{ Our patriotic  speedboat off the coast of Lampedusa during our 2nd honeymoon  |  September 2010}


  1. Congrats on the moving up in line! ... So do you do everything in two's? ;)

    We had a bit of a world wedding tour ourselves... Private ceremony, reception here and Taiwan... We had a Brazilian guitarist so I totally fall for personal and live musicians like your fratelli... Soooo adorable!

    Congrats again...

    1. Thanks so much! We "had" to have a second wedding ceremony since our actual wedding was at Christmas (because of immigration timing requirements), and not many from R's family and friends could come. So we figured, might as well take a second honeymoon while we're at it! ;)

      I like that you doubled up, too!

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