Friday, April 12, 2013

Fresh and springy knit napkins

Fresh and springy knit napkins on *sparklingly { }
{ Knit cotton dinner napkin, in situ  |  March 2013 }
I've been thinking about converting to knit linen or cotton napkins for our table—as much for the tactile pleasure as the good environmental citizen juju, but haven't gotten around to it for us just yet.

Fresh and springy knit napkins on *sparklingly { }
{ Getting ready to ship the full set of knit cotton dinner napkins from NYC  |  April 2013 }
But, I did make a set of 4 for a dear friend who recently had a birthday. I picked these colors because the nautical, preppy, chic, fresh thing is totally her deal. What do you think?

Fresh and springy knit napkins on *sparklingly { }
{ Knit goodies + card safe in SF  |  April 2013 }

PS. The last picture is from the birthday girl herself—she sent me a note and picture when the package arrived. I do this, too when I receive a gift and love love love having people do the same for me when I've sent something. Makes me happy to see them "at home"!

Next project: something similar for us in a natural palette. 


  1. uuuh these are very fun and very different! love the card also. Napkins from material is so much more 'glamorous' ;) it's funny to observe people around a holiday table, they'll sit up straighter, eat their food slower...

    1. Agreed! I'd love that attention and mindfulness year-round! :)

  2. This is sooo cool! so would knit napkins be washable? we use cotton napkins now but I've been thinking about a new set... also we try to use cotton napkins and such instead of paper towels to keep down the waste that way...

    So adorable!

  3. These are just beautiful. What a luck friend. I would love them, too! Smart way to transition!


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