Sunday, July 28, 2013


Handmade knit cotton napkins  |  Rituals on *sparklingly  |
{  Freesia, orchids + stack of new, handmade knit cotton napkins  }

Do you know what does make me happy? I mean, really ridiculously happy? When my weekends include a hearty dose of polishing-the-home and gently-taking-care-of-myself rituals, plus lots of creating-of-things with my hands, like:
  • Freshening up our vases with new, vibrant blooms after a trip to my flower guy
  • Unpacking groceries and filling up bowls with onions and garlic and stacking washed tomatoes and lemons on platters across our countertop
  • Making an "old-fashioned" type of Sunday dinner with chicken soup or a roast birdie, and then packing up the leftovers for lunch
  • Dusting all the surfaces and sweeping the floors (and wondering every week how two very tidy people can create so much dust—I blame NYC, of course)
  • Adding drops of essential oils into glass pots of melting coconut oil and cacao butter every few weeks to make my lotions and potions
  • Pulling off the bedsheets and snapping on crisp, fresh new ones every other week
  • Giving some love to the plants on our windowsills
  • Knitting up a storm of useful things
  • Baking up some nutty, dense muffins and cakes
Raw Cacao Torte Muffins  |  Rituals on *sparklingly  |
{  Refined-sugar/Gluten-free Raw Cacao Torte Muffins from two weekends ago  }
Coco-Carrot-Buckwheat Muffins  |  Rituals on *sparklingly  |
{  Something successful from last Sunday's baking session  |  Coco-Carrot-Buckwheat Muffins  }
Almond + Blueberry Brunch Cake  |  Rituals on *sparklingly  |
{  Refined-sugar/Gluten-free Almond + Blueberry Brunch Cake from yesterday morning  }

I don't think I'd have any trouble fitting in Laura Ingalls' Big Woods or Lucy Maud Montgomery's Avonlea. Or 1950, I suppose—which involves a larger discussion. Home or business world? Creativity or analytics? To-do's or status sheets? Grocery lists or punch sheets? Creating with my hands or popping open PowerPoint? Staring at a screen or starting at, for-the-love-of-all-that-is-good-in-the-world, just about anything else?
Hand-knit tank  |  Rituals on *sparklingly  |
{  Hazy gray summer tank, in progress last week  }

Of course, the point of all that fluffing and buffing is to settle back with a book on the couch to admire my handiwork. While sipping on a tumbler of tequila or a glass of wine, depending on the season and mood. And some enjoyable show that doesn't require too much brainpower to follow along with on in the background to keep me company and because I don't enjoy silence.

And then Monday morning comes and back to the corporate world I go. So long, Little House.


  1. Ok seriously would you like to marry me!???? ...oh yeah I forgot you're already married.... and so am I.... :)
    Now imagine how much more atmospheric all these activities will be in a big manor just outside Copenhagen!? Yey, excited for you!

    1. Ooo, I'm flattered you'd like to have me as a spouse! :)

      And yes to the atmospheric-ness of these once in Scandinavia (Stockholm, though—but either way, close enough to visit you and play wifey for an afternoon!)!

  2. I wish we lived in the same city. Your rituals are what make me ridiculously happy too! I mentioned this in my email to you, but I also spent the weekend tidying up - well, ripping apart and then putting back together in a better way - my apartment. My office/photo studio/dog crate room in particular was such a disaster before, and now I smile every time I'm in that room. Next big project - painting! I swear parts of my apartment haven't been painted in like 20 years. The whites are not-so-white.

    1. Aww, that's so sweet to say and totally makes me smile! I'd love to have more like-minded friends nearby, too! And, I so want to see any pics you have of your newly revamped space. I'm such a sucker for before-and-afters! Must be so nice to walk into the room and immediately feel uplifted because YOU made it so much better and "you"'ish.

      (Amen to repainting—–our walls are also looking a little dingy, but we're definitely not tackling that... ;) ).


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