Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Coffee mornings at Gasoline Alley

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Now that I'm back, I take my weekday morning coffee at a bar in Noho, instead of at the table in a breakfast nook overlooking a horse paddock. Have to say, last week's view was pretty damn good, but this week's isn't so bad, either.

A guy named Patrick (no, seriously, @aguynamedpatrick) recently shared an Instagram video (click the 'via' link above) that perfectly captures (one of) my local coffee spot(s) (the other being La Colombe). Go watch it real quick.

So breezy, airy and delightful, no? Plus, a cute couple kissing out front just makes it perfect.

Gasoline Alley is run by Australians and they just serve basic coffee drinks (no venti-caramel-mocha nonsense) and a few pastries. And of course homemade, hefty-sized kombucha ($5) which is delightful, especially on IF days. My usual order is a cappuccino ($4), which is one of the best I've found in the city. Perfectly frothed with pillowy milk that lends a lushness and a slight sweetness to the cup, and espresso that's not too bitter.

They also used to serve Brooklyn's Mast Brothers Chocolate at the best prices I've ever seen, but they don't keep them in stock anymore, unfortunately.

If that isn't enough to convince you of the awesomeness of this place, and persuade you to stop by if you're nearby—look, there's a bike hanging from the ceiling for no conceivable reason!


  1. Aussies make the best coffee! If you ever decide to visit Sydney, i will personally take you in a tour of the best coffee places here. :)

    1. You know, when I originally heard all the hub bub about Aussie baristas I didn't pay any attention, but now after having solid coffee experiences at a couple of places (and consistently amazing drinks at Gasoline Alley, in particular), I'm a total convert!

      Don't tell my husband, though ;). The Italians (and the Swedes, for that matter) pride themselves on their coffee!

      And, I will totally take you up on that offer—Sydney and Byron Bay are on my list! :)

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  3. Oh! yes I was there 20 days before. They just serve basic coffee drinks. Actually I was there for searching Kopi Luwak cold coffee.


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