Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not so fast

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{  My neighborhood and the Manhattan skyline, as seen from Dumbo  }

Despite all the happy home-cooking and cocktailing posts last week, I was in a very, very grumbleupagus (not to be confused with snuffleupagus) mood.

I heard back from the Swedes and they d.e.n.i.e.d my request for residency.

Can you believe that?

I still can't even talk about it—I'm so furious. It was especially disheartening since the weekend before we found out (the weekend of Delilahs and egg custards and arancini) we plotted out all of our next moves for our exit from Manhattan and felt ready to take this next big step. Then Monday rolled around and ka-blam.

I won't go into the reasons why I was denied (because they're absurd), but suffice to say that had we been just boyfriend and girlfriend, and R still lived in Sweden, it would have been an easy approval. Or, if I had been someone arriving illegally and lying about certain personal details, it would also have been easy. But a married couple that's been together for a long time is apparently not worthy of a permit for the non-citizen's wife.

So I've spent the last week assembling paperwork for an appeal—which we have three weeks to apply for, well, two now—and to make this even more exciting, I only have six weeks before I have to go through the whole rigamarole of securing, or giving up, our apartment here. What are the chances that a decision from the immigration courts once they receive our appeal documents will be made before then?

Stay tuned.

(And cross your fingers, please.)


  1. hmm... they're on cra#&!!!!! Seriously, it's not like there are swaying palm trees there and oceanside breezes... no one want's to go live there unless they have a dam good reason!?!
    So here is my positive take on this: maybe a denial is their standard procedure for first time applicants? as in, only if you appeal do we take you seriously? (sounds too "italian" though)
    the apartment dilemma...yeah that sucks! hang in there!!

    1. I know! (SOB!)
      (Also, HA @ "swaying palm trees and ocean-side breezes" ;) )

      I actually thought of you and your take on the Italians when I got the news. Even though I know that can't be the answer (they are so not like the Italians, as you noted!), I'm going to pretend you're right and imagine this is just another test.

  2. How obnoxious! Sorry you're dealing with that nonsense. I'm crossing my fingers for you that this gets worked out (in your favor) very soon!

  3. I am so sorry..I hate dealing with immigration stuff. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys. If anything I have a spare bedroom in Dallas :P

  4. You're kind of becoming a pro at this... it's all gonna work out! one way or another! - M


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