Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shut eye

Sky above the clouds  |  Shut eye on *sparklingly  |
{  This sense of peacefulness is completely foreign to me right now  }

All these lovely ideas for a calming evening that will lead to a restful night's sleep are completely useless when you have a team of jackhammerers jackhammering outside your building every night (morning?) from 2AM to 6AM. Prime REM sleep cycle time = completely ruined.

I haven't slept properly in a week.

Which translates to: I've been in a foul mood for a week.

Not only is my mood foul, but my eyes are red, my skin is a little ragged, and my sense of humor is completely gone.

Because I happen to live in what has historically been a commercial area, it's a big no-no for construction work to happen during the day. Apparently the world will end if fancypants investment bankers' thoughts are disrupted (was there a lot of construction work happening in 2007-08, then?). Once they're all in their lush Tribeca lofts or expansive Upper East Side penthouses or off in bucolic Scarsdale for a peaceful night's rest, the WHISTLING construction workers come out to play in the moonlight (moonlight of course being INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH SPOTLIGHTS).

And we, the people who inhabit former bank buildings, are treated to a nightly symphony of pneumatic drilling, bricks dropping, pipes clanking, and insults being tossed handily about. Being smushed amidst other high rises, the noises echo, too. A never-ending coda.

Now that the weekend is here I was looking forward to sleeping in today, but ho, how naive! Since the bankers aren't here on a Saturday, the construction workers are—and they have been since 5AM!

Here's hoping they take an early lunch break...or that the skies open up to a deluge.


  1. It's the "invisible enemy" that is out to PUNISH you for daring to live in the greatest place on this earth. Because just for the great PRIVILEGE of living in such a wondrous place, it's only fare to torture you to even it out. Yes, I'm familiar with the 'invisible enemy'.

  2. That sucks! I used to live along the T (train) and there was a stretch of time where they decided to rip up the tracks and replace them. Of course, this meant they had to do construction during non-commuter hours, so like 12:30am to 5am. Worst. week. ever. I was livid! And then they decided to rip up the road, and I was out of there. haha Never live on Beacon St. in Boston, fyi. :)

    1. Ooo, that sounds horrid! Glad you were able to flee when they started on the road—jack-hammering on asphalt is torture to bear!

      I was so relieved when the pounding outside (and in my head) finally stopped this afternoon that I was forced (FORCED) to make a cocktail.

      Okay, I probably would have done it anyway, but still! ;)

  3. I am so sorrry about the disturbances. thats one thing I dont miss in Dallas.

    1. Thanks, Dixya! The sirens and helicopters and tugboat screeches I've gotten used to now, but ooo, that jaw-clenching sound of stone and bricks thwacking against each other and being pulverized is hard to imagine away!


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