Monday, September 16, 2013

Escaped again

I've been keeping something from you...

For the last few days R and I have been relaxing on a beach somewhere far, far away from NYC to celebrate my birthday.

I originally thought the only way to welcome in a new decade would be for a bit of adventure, or as I call it, a trip to do some traveling (vs. vacationing). Like our most recent trips, I was still set on sticking to our hemisphere and after lots of consulting of route maps and research into up-and-coming places, I picked Cartagena.

I loved the way Bon Appetit described the seaside city as,
"A place where one can check out for a week or two of utter relaxation; but in recent years, it has also become one of the chicest and most action-packed weekend destinations on earth."
"It also doesn’t hurt that some of the best food in Latin America can be had there, whether it’s the piping-hot arepas (delicious cornmeal disks) sold by street vendors or the fresh seafood in its many world-class restaurants. Lots of picks to visit when you’re not boat-hopping on the islands, touring the Inquisition museum, or shopping for mochilas (colorful woven totes native to the area)."

Travel & Leisure also had good things to say:
"Take a dash of faded colonial grandeur, then add a dose of sultry nightlife and an influx of cosmopolitan travelers seeking the next great Caribbean hot spot...this emerging Colombian getaway delivers all this and more."

So, you might understand why I was so into it. As soon as I decided, I went about my usual scramble of researching to death: hotels, excursions, restaurants, caf├Ęs, etc—I have a massive Google Doc with all my notes, in case anyone's interested.

But then R pointed out that perhaps a week in a city, where the most charming bits can be covered in a few days, would be too much. He had a better suggestion: a proper Caribbean island that's lush, hilly, gorgeous and volcanic (that unexpected power looming beneath the surface calls to me—maybe that's why I felt at home in Sicily?), with a national product that I'm supremely interested in learning about and enjoying in all its forms. Combine that with a dash of glamour and luxury, plus the chance to do lots of hiking, swimming, and indulging in alluded-to national product, and I was sold.
Any guesses as to where we are?

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{ Second image (c) Zach Stovall / Caribbean Travel Mag }


  1. uuuuh CARTAGENA is SO on my list!!! though this is on my delayed list to pick back up 2 yrs from now. (When little Vin ;) is 2 at least and both boys are pirate crazy :) :) Until then we decided to stay local and good thing local is big enough "europe".

    But Cartagena is big on my list!!!

    Where are you now, gosh geee I... don't know... :) :) and hipp hipp HURAAAHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

    1. Woo, great minds and all ;). I like the idea of you and your mini pirates there!

      And, I do not feel one bit sad for you and your "local" trips to all the splendor of Europe. Local for me is Bayonne and Hackensack...doesn't quite sound as magical.

      Oopsie on the blogger front...but in my defense, had no idea that my pre-scheduled posts and attempts to be mysterious would be thwarted by easy access to wifi and loads of instagrammable beauty ;).

  2. Between you and a friend in Bora Bora... you guys are makin me itchin to sign us up for another beach/island retreat!!! STOP it!!!...wait...don't stop ;)

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