Wednesday, September 4, 2013


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I'm not one to deal well with uncertainty. I like having a plan, whether it's for a morning at home, Sunday dinner, a vacation abroad, or where I'll be living in a few months.

The last one's probably a biggie for everyone, though, so no fair that I'm counting it. But, counting I am because it's rearing its head again. After we found out that my request for Swedish residency was denied, everything got thrown into the blender again. Do we try to extend our lease (even knowing that they told us last time we could no longer do less than 1 or 2- year extensions)? Do we figure out temporary housing? What do we do if the appeal is denied, too? We've been under the assumption that our time in the U.S. is up and we are moving abroad as soon as we can, but, what if that's not actually going to happen?

Our lawyer said it could take three months from the submission of our appeal for the courts to make a ruling. He's just filed our paperwork, so that would mean, theoretically, a decision by the beginning of December at the latest. Except that's just after our current lease ends. And, even if we had permission to leave and were actually able to get everything in gear, we have to stay thru December for the baptism of our godson.

So, you can imagine I'm handling all of the uncertainty and stress of not knowing if we'll need to find a way to sell our belongings and ship the rest in a few months, or next year, exceptionally well.

The only obvious solution was to make a pan of dark and salty chocolate.

It was delicious and decadent and I am definitely making some more this weekend.


  1. 100% with you on not liking uncertainty... and I NEED to make that!!!! what do you do just melt a chocolate bar, chop some nuts and berries and let it harden?? or I'm not even close?

    1. Ha, not even close :).

      Well, actually you COULD make it that way, but that's not what I did. I wanted to make my own actual chocolate bar from scratch, so I melted raw cacao butter + raw cacao powder + vanilla + maple syrup together and poured the liquid into a pan, then sprinkled Himalayan sea salt, goji berries, pepitas, and hazelnuts on top.

      When I make it again this weekend I'll pay attention to the measurements and then post a "recipe".

      Boooo to uncertainty, YAYYYYY to chocolate!

  2. i am not very good at handling uncertainty either :( I would love the recipe on making own chocolate bar as well. But I have learned one thing - if things are not in your control, let it go and have a drink or chocolate and allow things to fall into place. (its harder than it sounds but helps a little).

    1. Wise words-thanks, Dixya!

      I'll definitely get cracking on that recipe for y'all! :)

  3. of COURSE you made the chocolate from scratch ;) ~ Such a shining example of #delightfuleating!...You know despite the tense chess like string of moves currently in play... it's all gonna work out better than you could imagine. -M

    1. Ha, I had some time and an intense curiosity on my hands!

      You're right—very much a bit of #delightfuleating. I like how I sometimes inadvertently sync up with #OTSPChallenges!

      And, seriously, thanks for your encouragement. Sometimes it's hard to stay optimistic, so reminders like yours help! :)

  4. have you ever made your own hot sauce? :) if not...we should totally do it!

    1. Whoa, no, I never even THOUGHT to make my own hot sauce.
      Now you've got me intrigued! :)


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