Friday, January 18, 2013

2013: The year that will be—a formula

[Continuing my earlier scribbles about 2013—my manifest year. I told you my idea on Tuesday and here's my formula to help make it happen (with one more post soon!)]

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After coming to a startling realization, and deciding that 2013 shall be my year of making things manifest, I came up with a formula for making it happen:

(A+B) - C = A better manifested me!
(No, I did not mean to make that rhyme).

Confused? Here's what I mean:

A. I started by making a list of things that make me happy—the types of things I would fill my days with if not for normal obligations and work:
  • "Getting" something on my own (like, learning a knitting stitch, figuring out what something abstract means, putting together some little organizational system—yes, yes, I'm a nerd, untangling code to make this blog look the way I want it to, how a bunch of seemingly unconnected events fit together and create a huge repercussion—which is what I loved about my art history classes in university)
  • A good happy/dramatic cry (from reading a book or watching something—I'm looking at you: West Wing, Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, etc.)
  • Time alone
  • Watching babies and/or dogs play
  • Crafty sessions
  • Music
  • Candlelight
  • Long walks/flaneurs
  • Good wine in cozy wine bars
  • Day trips
  • Weekend trips
  • Creating organizational systems (worthy of a second mention)
  • Making plans
  • Putting something together (trip docs, citizenship papers, scrapbooks)
  • Surprising other people
  • When I make R laugh or shock him when I know something (a word in Italian, random geography since I'm generally bad at it, etc.)
  • Academic lectures (in art history, literature, nutrition, nature and related subjects)
  • Reading uninterrupted for hours
  • Reading "children's" literature: Anne of Green Gables, Laura Ingalls, etc.
  • Keeping lists (quotes, places, books, goals)

B. And then I thought about the things I want to make a priority—either to learn/do/have, but haven't made any effort recently, despite being really interested:
  • Italian: I've passively learned, but as I'm a perfectionist, I don't speak nearly as well as I should after almost 8 years with R
  • Swedish: I haven't made any attempt because I know I can go to school for free in Sweden...but why shouldn't I spend some time with the basics now?
  • Figuring out the perfect blend of things I'm good at and things I like doing to forge the most fulfilling career: I like organizing, planning, crafting communications, creating an experience based on an idea, editing, critiquing, branding...if I put all that in a magic hat, what career would I pull out?
  • Until I figure that out, I'd like to find meaningful projects to take on as my normal work schedule allows to help me continue to prepare for a new (future) career by learning new skills (like graphic design), shoring up ones I already have and creating connections with interesting people that might lead to interesting projects
  • Better relationships
  • Stronger faith

C. And then, I thought about the things that get in the way of that, like:
  • Wasting time reading blogs I'm not interested in anymore or trailing cookie crumbs all over the Internets from one random thing to the next
  • The Netflix black hole (damn you, automatically-play-next-episode, feature!)
  • Being tired
  • Foul mood because I am one of those people that definitely sweats the small stuff (family angst, work angst, friendship angst, irritatingness of silly things I have to do but don't want to—like, rolling over a 401-K account, dealing with customer service, etc.)
  • Using a rickety 6-year old laptop at home

If I could get rid of C (the time wasters/energy zappers/laziness/etc.), I'd have more time to focus on A (the things I already love to do) and B (the things I want to be better at), all so that I can manifest the life I want...which I might describe as living abroad, being multi-lingual, having relationships that delight me and life work that fulfills me.

[To spare you a lengthy read—my plan for doing something about this is coming up next!


  1. Well you're already doing something "organizational"! You're organizing your thoughts for the formula. That's a huge job. It's like artist visualizing their painting and mixing paints before making the first stroke. I'm so looking forward to see the action plan!

    1. OOo, I miss your comments, Ale! You always say things in a way that I hadn't thought of (and in a way that makes me beam!). :)


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