Friday, January 25, 2013

All Good Things Market in Tribeca

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{ All Good Things Market in Tribeca | January 2013 }

There's no end to the markets in New York, be they farmer's, stock or specialty foods, but you'll find that New Yorkers (myself included) are always up for poking around a new one (although I prefer the foodie, non-financial-exchange type).

I first heard about All Good Things Market in an Edible Manhattan article in the fall, but we hadn't had a chance to wander around it until last weekend when we took a walk along the waterfront on Sunday to see for ourselves.

And...I might have been okay not making the trip.

It just didn't have the same feel as Chelsea Market and Eataly uptown or New Amsterdam Market and Fulton Market further downtown—it seemed a little worn (maybe because they tried to keep the building intact?) and sad (not nearly as bustling and warm as the article made it sound).

Perhaps there was just a Sunday lull, but the sparse little market (as sparse as its website!) didn't have a lot of offerings on display so we only grabbed a quick coffee. We had wanted to get our bi-weekly'ish flowers there, as well as a few items for a small dinner party we were hosting that night, but ended up going a few blocks away to Whole Foods instead.

And, surprisingly, we had a really good (read: not Whole Paycheck-y at all!) experience. Would you believe I found a bunch of hydrangea for $10? There were 5 blooms and usually they're $3-$4 a stalk elsewhere! Turned my afternoon right around.

Having our friends bring their adorable 3-year old beagle over for dinner helped, too. So, disappointing market experience aside, it was a satisfying Sunday evening after all.

Here's to a lovely weekend ahead for y'all!

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