Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday meanders: 5

[A few new tidbits to share from my online poking around after a lengthy holiday hiatus...enjoy!]
{ Table Mountain in South Africa via Sydney Blogger }

+ Table Mountain: Major wanderlust has struck again—look at this gorgeous landscape in South Africa (pictured above)!

+ Owning up: Well, well, well, Coca-Cola admits that it "makes Americans fat" in a new ad, although it's heavily caveated. The ad acknowledges that soda contributes to weight gain, but also points out that obesity is the result of too many calories of anything. The bigger thing for me with soda is the sugar, which isn't mentioned, but at least it's some sort of start.

+ 100-year old cartoon predicting how completely texting would ruin the world, from a 1906 issue of the humor magazine Punch.

+ Otter wax not only has an adorable name, but would have come in handy when I wanted to keep my new shoes looking spanking new.

+ New favorite work tunes. Good rhythms for creating PowerPoint slides.

+ Ingenious way to live comfortably in NYC with very little space...and lots of good organization (and cash for crazy cool tech investments and well-designed furniture/objects).

+ And, PS I'm a huge Angelina Jolie fan for a number of reasons. 


  1. go! 1000x go go go! to south africa. It's a wonderful surprising gorgeous country with wonderful warm people. I really loved it.

    1. I always hear the most amazing things. Definitely on the list!


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