Monday, March 25, 2013

So worth it

Mast Brothers Papua New Guinea Chocolate + Gasoline Alley Kombucha on *sparklingly []
{ Mast Bros Papua New Guinea Chocolate + Gasoline Alley Kombucha (enjoyed separately)  |  21 March 2013 }

NYC is the be all end all for many, the epicenter of disgust and loathing for others, and for me it's just the place I live. I'm used to its foolishness after all these years—the tourists clogging up the sidewalk, the never-ending cacophony and how the price of every single thing here is quadruple what it would be elsewhere (except for manicure/pedicure specials at Asian-run salons—bless their efficient ways and lovely massage chairs!).

But, sometimes even I can't believe how much I pay to live in a city that may be bad for me (see the comments here). I mean, it's accepted that we pay an absurd amount on rent, on drinks, to unwind and even to escape the city...but even for a blissful moment of escape at my desk I pay a lot—without even blinking an eye (which is the absurd part in this little scenario).

I'm willing to spend a little more when I can on good, clean food and products, but the fact that I didn't even notice I was handing over $9 for a bar of chocolate last week is a little crazy, no?

No! It's actually not (really that) crazy at all because this chocolate is FANTASTIC. I remember passing Mast Brothers on a walk in Brooklyn two years ago (which of course, is adorable), but for whatever reason, I didn't go in and have a taste. But when I headed to a local coffee shop for a kombucha last week and spied these gorgeously wrapped treats, I snapped one up.

Not only is it nice to have a truly locally-made treat, but I love that it only has two (pronounceable) ingredients! And, of course, the taste is amazing. I wish the descriptions were online so you could look at them all, but suffice to say this little Papua New Guinea Dark Chocolate had me at: "After harvest, these beans are uniquely smoked. This post-fermentation process imparts incredible flavor: think hickory smoked bacon and aged scotch."

And seriously, that is EXACTLY what it tastes like. Incredible.

I'll be going back for more, obviously—this is an addiction worth having!


  1. Replies
    1. Seriously. We'll be picking up some of these next time you're in town :)

  2. omg............. but this is a good system for portion control. :)

    1. Ha, yes, enforced moderation! (Plus, the walk to the coffee shop where I get them is also very cute——more reason to space out my purchases!).

      PS. Happy Birthday!


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