Thursday, December 20, 2012

A bout of the sniffles

*sparklingly (
{ A few weeks ago. Back when I felt as badass as my boots look. }

I've got this obnoxious bug and I'm pretty annoyed about it.

Mostly because I've been harping at someone close to me for months now to take better care of themselves: "maybe your day's meals shouldn't consist of just one cup of instant coffee and a sketchy hamburger", "maybe you shouldn't wear just a windbreaker when it's 38F outside", "maybe you should sleep more than 4 hours a night", etc. So when that person fell ill, I didn't say "I told you so", but I definitely thought it, especially when the cold lasted just over two weeks.

And then I came down with some scratchy-throated, stuffy-headed nonsense this weekend and felt slightly less vindicated. Although in my defense, I really think I've been struck because I've been:

+ Working way too much (day job + evenings/weekends on two side projects + citizenship applications)

+ Slightly overdoing it with holiday/family commitments (the last of which was on the eve of my downfall—but I don't regret one second or bite of my company's amazingly indulgent end-of-the-year dinner: 8 wine-paired courses of delight)

+ And, the weather did this ridiculous roller coaster last week with 60F one day and 30F the next and I didn't dress appropriately.

+ Plus, I should have been hibernating all weekend to recoup, but instead worked nonstop, which I'm sure didn't help.

I don't have a real fever, and apart from one minor sensation of nausea, I don't feel flu-y, so I've made the perhaps pig-headed decision to not take medicine. A course of Nyquil & Dayquil is always my go-to, but I'm wondering if I could just let this yuckiness run its course and not deal with medicine hangover.

But now that we're approaching Day 6, I'm feeling less tough and more silly about it.

I just went outside and propped myself up against a building on my office's chichi Soho corner to turn my face to the sky and soak in some bright sunlight and that was about the best I've felt over the last few days.

Just a few more hours to get through and then I can recuperate somewhere far, far away with nary a computer in sight but lots and lots of sunshine.

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