Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday meanders: 6

{ Lower Manhattan...or Paris?  |  January 2013 }
Monday meanders: my somewhat-regularly-posted collection of online goodies.

+ Why is doubt spelled with a b? Is anyone else as interested in the root of words/historical meanings? I probably wasn't always, but after I began learning languages, I realized how helpful etymology is for making connections across linguistic divides. This animated video about why doubt is spelled with a b is interesting (and not too long, don't worry!). [via]

+ Making tiny cool (and workable!): the winner of NYC's tiny-apartment competition was just revealed looks pretty nice!

+ Finally on the Downton Abbey bandwagon: How could you all keep this from me? I'm completely obsessed and have just petered into Season 2 (so don't spoil it for me!) and saw this gorgeous picture of Mary and Matthew and had to share. I could maybe be a country lady. Maybe. If the gig came with a grand library and a slew of dogs and horses, then perhaps definitely.

+ The right of way for Swedish mammas and pappas with little ones and dogs: of course there's a separate subway turnstile just for them. Ah, Sweden. I heart you.

+ Simple home: Y'all may already know how interested I am in simplifying, cutting-back, whittling-down, etc., and that I really enjoy reading Sarah Wilson's blog and e-books, but now I'm even more excited because she's just bought her first apartment and is about to start "My Simple Home", a series on "sustainable, ethical, minimal, efficient, toxin-free and economical"living. I love how much she researches different topics (whether it be autoimmune diseases, cycling, toxin-free living, etc.) and then does small tweaks here and there to see how she can improve her life (a philosophy I'm very much in agreement with).

+ French provincial in Brooklyn: I cannot even believe this prosaic gorgeousness exists a stone's throw from my apartment in Lower Manhattan (via).

+ Made-to-order Balinese furnishings: I now know two couples (one in real life, and one through their blog—so I'm using the word "know" lightly for the latter, of course) that have traveled to Indonesia and had furniture made to their specifications and sent back and they're just gorgeous! Our friends in Williamsburg have a huge industrial loft that is warmed up by all their incredible teak furniture (that was shipped across the world and right up the East River to the pier in Brooklyn at the end of their street!). And, I just saw these beautiful lights on Hither & Thither (and check out the outdoor fireplace, wouldn't mind that, either!). Gorgeous, no?

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