Friday, February 15, 2013

These women

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{ Granny squares—so addictive!  |  9 Feb 2013 }

Get any small group of women together, anywhere, and at some point they'll get around to discussing whether they're more of a Carrie or a Samantha. Or, a Rachel or a Monica.

I've had the discussion so many times that I can now rattle off that I'm as:

+ Fastidious, competitive, hyper-organized and obsessed with purple as Monica.

+ Enamored with bold, bright colors and statement jewelry as Samantha.

+ Driven, independent, pro-woman and bossy as Miranda...and Lynette.

+ Concerned with etiquette, propriety and lady-likeness as Charlotte...and Bree (with whom I sometimes share a penchant for old-fashioned ways).

+ Feisty, hot-tempered and admiring of lush fabric, exotic flowers, warm colors, dark wood and marble accents as Gabrielle

+ Fast-of-a-talker as Lorelai (and while I may not be an inn owner, it's always been a particular dream of mine).

+ Not at all like Rachel, Phoebe, Carrie or Susan.

Remember I mentioned dueling dualities before? I'm definitely full of them.

What about you?


  1. if i get any dueling, these qualities just get smacked. pow! hmmm... i'm not sure i'm like any of these at all that's why I never like SITC or friends (gasp,GASP!) I'm like lara croft. haha JK!

  2. Fun topic! I think you've got yourself down. I haven't thought about it so I don't know who I'd be. Maybe Miranda with a bit of Carrie and Rachel? Who I always wanted to be like was Phoebe - she cracks me up so much!!

    1. Whoa, your answer is spot on for you! And, I definitely see you with a generous sprinkle of the Pheebs. :)

      PS. I like that we both have a little Miranda :).


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