Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday meanders: 7

[Some tidbits from my online poking around...enjoy!]
{ Saturday mornings are the best  | 9 Feb 2013 }

+ Valentine's are for the birds!

+ One thing I really, truly miss after a few years of being (mostly) gluten-free is a nice slice of warm toast with a little butter (or, let's be real, chocolate spread) with a mug of coffee on a weekend morning. Enter: Life-Changing Bread from My New Roots.

+ So much of this is so very, very true. Other New Yorkers–do you agree?

+ Something so completely lovely and wholesome and whimsical about these sweet prints by Phoebe Wahl (via). They celebrate hearth and home and family and made me think of both Laura Ingalls/Little House in the Big Woods and Scandinavia (which, actually, are related!). See the "via" link for a tour of the artist's studio.

+ I'm such a sucker for doggies doing adorable things.

+ And, one last after-the-fact, Valentine-related thing. Wonder who sat around creating this amazingness for Google?


  1. Replies
    1. A mug-o-Honduran coffee + steamed cardamom milk.

      And, a spinach-celery-coconut smoothie with a little ginger, a few slices of banana and a raw egg :)


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