Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In between

*sparklingly {}
{ The wee pup that visited us  |  January 2013 }

A smattering of thoughts:

+ There's something quite odd about being where I am now—not physically, but mentally—where it seems unbelievable that I've already been married for three years, yet I have friends with babies that are toddling about and, as a friend shared this weekend, her still-very-young marriage is going through an incredibly rough patch. The poor thing is facing something quite painful, and I don't know that things will even be better, if things get better (if that makes sense).

+ I'm considering knitting up a bunch of linen or cotton table napkins—have been thinking of ways to stop my incessant reliance on paper towels and paper napkins. Haven't quite figured out what pattern/colorway I'd like to use, or even if we'd get used to using them. But...I'm thinking about it.

+ My new favorite after-dinner drink: raw cacao dissolved in coconut oil + steamed full-fat milk + cinnamon + nutmeg + maca + shredded coconut on top.

+ This last week I have been s.t.r.u.g.g.l.i.n.g without high-speed data access on my smartphone—I somehow finished my allotted 5GB (oops!) one week shy of the end of my billing cycle and am now being slowly (and I do mean slowly) tortured by waiting forever for apps to load and pages to update.

What's new with you?


  1. A smattering of random replies:
    Cute dog!
    We have cloth napkins - love em.
    That drink sounds pretty amazing.


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