Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beating the winter blues

Winter flowers on *sparklingly []
{ Fresh flowers  |  2 March 2013  }

Still winter.

And, yes, while I do like cold weather, I'm a bit tired of wearing boots and my skin misses sunlight! So, as usual,  I've been doing a few new'ish things in an attempt to beat-S.A.D. and attack-my-tiredness-(potentially-hypo-thyroidism?), like:

+ Color / Oxygen: Adding even more lush green plants to our windowsills AND more fresh,  saturated-tastic orange and yellow flowers in vases throughout the apartment.

+ Sleep: Aiming for 8 hours of actual sleep, instead of 8 hours in bed and only 7'ish of sleep, which means: getting into bed at 9:30PM and reading until 10PM'ish, instead of getting into bed at 10:30PM and reading until 11PM, AND getting out of bed at 6:30AM instead of 6AM. How funny would it be if my years of non-stop yawning was actually directly related to me only sleeping 7-7.5 hours a night? (Not that funny, actually).

+ Vitamins: Taking fish oil supplements with Vitamin D (see: "Still winter", above). I've still got some of my Pure Synergy Vit-Min-Herb supplements, but as I use them up, I'm phasing in some good oils. I've never taken fish oil supplements before, and after doing a little research, seems like a good thing to work in, especially since it's so hard to get good (as in: clean, humanely-raised, affordable) fish these days.

+ Turning back the clocks: Granted, this one isn't of my own doing, but am so glad that Daylight Saving's Time kicks back in this weekend. Whew.

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