Friday, March 8, 2013

Snowy deliberations

View of Trinity Church on Broadway and Wall Street in Manhattan { }
{ Snow falling...horizontally  |  Lower Manhattan  |  8 March 2013 }

As you can see, we've got a wintry-white weekend ahead of us.

Perfect for me, as I've got two days of taxes to look forward to, which will hopefully keep my mind off of fretting over (1) needing to decide within three weeks where we're going to live in NYC for the foreseeable future and (2) when we'll hear back from the US, Italian and Swedish consulates, which may make our need to prolong our time here null.

I think an Excel spreadsheet would call this a circular error.

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  1. Ha, man I know what you're talking about. So many big decisions and outcomes that drive vary different sets of outcomes and decisions that may not all be clear either. I'm going through the same thjng and for one reason and or another, bc of one major thing I need to hold still on the very thjng I'm trying to leave, but then the thing I'm trying to leave has so many options that I'm not sure which way to go yet but it's also very dependent on something that may or may not happen which might make me stay still at the thjng I'm trying to leave. Ha so all in all it makes for uncertainty, frustration and fear... I think the biggest thing is working out a leading plan (so you have something to focus on but not so many backups that you're making yourself crazy...) but ultimately I think it comes down to trust... That things are taking the time they need to for reasons you can all add up yet. I know I've allowed myself to get frustrated with a specific time frame which only makes things worse. And think to how when things are right they just naturally happen... In a way that amazes and yet is so right... I feel this is how you know when the stuff if your life is going as it should. You're listening... Open, and doors just happen to open, people open their hands to you... But it all starts with the state you're in trusting and listening


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