Saturday, May 25, 2013

Long weekend

{ Nooks and crannies }

And when I say long, I mean really long—our boss surprised us with Friday off (in addition to the Monday Memorial Day holiday coming up), so I have four days to loll about lazily (again! I totally blame the weather...and the fact that R is working and all my friends are out of town). I considered trying to quickly put together some day trips to make the most of my time off if the rain let up...

But, then I heard something that stuck in mind—the word "planet" comes from a Greek word meaning "to wander". I love that idea—when people first noticed otherworldly bodies spinning about in the Universe they called them "wandering stars". And then I thought about how we wander and while I love to wander about, sometimes it really is nice to accept that: yes, I am a complete and total introvert and I am totally happy futzing around at home for long periods and I shouldn't feel guilty about that.

So I am.

I took the prospect of another indulgent weekend to heart and totally regressed to my inner 12-year old, staying up super late on Thursday night watching silly things and eating chocolate. Friday morning started with some brewed cocoa (good!) and ripping out my cap-sleeve-sweater-top-to-be (not so good!). I realized that because of the heavier weight of the yarn and larger needles I was using that it was wider than I wanted it to be, so back to stitch one I go!

{ Brewed cacao! Like coffee, but you can eat the grinds! }
{ My sad, fusilli-like remnants }

I also read a really entrancing book (The Forgotten Garden, Kate Morton) that completely got into my head while in Mexico, so I picked up another of her works (The House at Riverton) and cuddled into a corner of my sofa for a nice long read, alternating with this week's Sunday Times (this article had my heart racing for another wander, well, actually a Wandering Walk).

There were bowls of cherries and grapes and choco-banana, coconut cream, yogurt concoctions in the morning, and later in the day: plates of farmhouse cheese and broccoli and glasses of cabernet.

How's your long weekend going?

{ Peonies ready to bud + cherries + grapes galore }
{ Throw-together-dinner }


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend. I am waiting for our next long weekend in two weeks...maybe some apple picking somewhere in the country if we feel adventurous. I hope the weather's been a little better in your part of the world.

    1. It really was lovely and after another month of rain, the weather here has finally turned! Apple picking in the country sounds divine, hope y'all made it and had a great time! :)

  2. Your weekends always sound so cozy! And here I am, in my PJs, trying to work and avoiding going running... ;)

    1. Thanks, dear! My goal in life is to always be nice and cozy :)


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