Thursday, May 2, 2013

Smited by the Gods

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So that whole rigamarole I went through to obtain alllll the fingerprinting, background checks, notarizations and apostilles for my Italian Citizenship Request?

I might as well have just spent that time banging my head against a wall while watching all the checks I sent burn.

Even though my appointment date was moved up, there's another big hurdle: When R called the Italian consulate to find out the process for starting citizenship proceedings for me, they told him to get my documents in order first before making an appointment (note: making an appointment means paying $15 to dial a number and be given a random time). They now deny this, saying, but why would we tell him that when sometimes it can take a year to get an appointment and your documents are only valid for 3 months?


I now have to REDO every single document. Last time it took about two full days for me to run around getting photographs and fingerprints taken, fill out forms, go to the bank and the post office,  etc.—I'm not counting waiting time, of course. And, I paid about $200 for duplicative documents (people: doesn't it make sense that if you have a free-and-clear document from the FBI you'll also be free-and-clear in every state?).

How fun that I get to do it all over again.


  1. non ci credo proprio!!!! but you realize that this is simply part of the process... the Italians are TESTING you if indeed you are of the right CHARACTER to receive their citizenship. think about it. it's simply to make sure you have the mental stamina and inner strength to put up with this complete nonsense. this is indeed your real test and 'interview'. :) :) :)

    1. Hmm, when you put it that way, it seems SLIGHTLY less obnoxious (that's that trademark Sempre Primavera attitude kicking in, no?). Although, they should be THRILLED that I want to be an Italian, shouldn't they? Ha ;).

  2. Ugh, that is so frustrating! Although, I love the previous person's comment. haha

    1. Ha, I liked it, too!
      Thanks for commiserating with me :/,


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