Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lullaby oil concoction

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Even though the weather is warming up, I'm still hanging on to my spicy-scented winter oil concoction, although recently I've been doing it up with equal parts of coconut oil and raw cacao butter, which makes for a soufflè-like spread that goes on like whipped goodness and smells like yeasty, freshly-baked bread. The smell is seriously intoxicating.

But, I did mix up a new blend that I keep on my nightstand and smooth on before climbing into bed to moisturize my arms and neck and, theoretically, lull me to sleep:

+ 1/2 cup of coconut oil (or your favorite carrier oil)
+    5 drops of orange oil for cleansing and freshness
+    8 drops of lavender oil for relaxation and calmness
+  12 drops of vanilla oil for warmth, comfort and coziness

Slather on a bit and slip between the sheets!

P.S. My Winter oil concoction!
P.P.S. My oils are all from Plant Therapy—love their quality and value!

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