Monday, November 26, 2012

Facial (t)oils

*sparklingly (
{ The euphoria that comes over me when I smell roasting chestnuts is the same effect I
was going for with my initially-failed facial oil experiment}

Good: You know I'm big on the goodness of coconut oil, but I didn't tell you all the ways I use it as a beauty product. Not only is it the most silky, lush, and hydrating "lotion" I've ever tried, it also works as a:

  + moisturizer/night cream (which I use when I'm washing my face, but don't feel like padding to the kitchen for the vial of rosehip oil that I keep in the fridge)

  + face wash/eye make-up remover

  + sun screen (it naturally blocks the sun's harming rays)

  + and, believe it or not, thanks to its anti-fungal/microbial/bacterial properties, as a deodorant.

You know I'm a little...anxious when it comes to sweat, so the fact that I use something as simple as coconut oil should be proof it works. I found lots of recipes for homemade deodorant online, but they all seemed too fussy and I wasn't ready to make that big of a commitment when I first started paring down, but luckily I found out that coconut oil on its own works just fine.

See? I wasn't kidding when I said it's basically the duct tape of your medicine cabinet/makeup bag.

Not so good: Despite my love affair with coconut oil as an all-purpose beauty product, I started to crave a little change on the scent front and began looking into essential oils to layer in for a little seasonal oomph (see: chestnuts ready for roasting above). I found high quality, not-too-expensive, pure oils on and snapped up cinnamon bark oil, neroli oil, and rosewood oil.

The cinnamon bark arrived first and I was so excited that I scooped up a lump of solid coconut oil into my palm, tippled out 4 (F-O-U-R) drops of the oil on top, rubbed my hands together and smeared it directly onto my face.

Cue the screaming.

As usual, my impatience and excitement got the best of me and it slipped my mind that cinnamon bark is extremely potent (moreso than other essential oils) and needs to be majorly diluted (and 4 drops to 1 dollop doesn't count).

Be ye not so silly.

Better: About 10 minutes of alternating with splashing my face with water and patting the oils away on the rapidly-dwindling, non-tainted bits of my towel eventually made the pain go away and luckily, I didn't burn my skin. In other good news, I found that four drops of cinnamon bark essential oil to about 7 ounces of carrier oil (in this case coconut) is a perfectly safe ratio. You're welcome.

PS. I'm currently buying Nutiva's cold-pressed, organic, extra-virgin coconut oil and Aura Cacia's organic rosehip oil. Will let you know about the new essential oils once I've used them for a few days.


  1. That's amazing! i must try the deodorant tip... i'm scared though :)

    Hey why not just clear rosehip oil? like
    for example? you're getting 4oz instead of 1oz for same price.

    1. Hmmm, when I looked the vial I ordered seemed like best deal for organic version (was $9 for one ounce and free shipping), don't even recognize the one you sent...maybe didn't show up in results because of location? Either way, thanks for sharing, will use that link when mine runs out!

      (Try the coconut oil thing on a day when you're home to see if it works for you ;). I did that a few weekends in a row to be sure.)

  2. I love reading about other people's skincare routines! I tried using coconut oil around my eyes the other night and I really liked it. Do you use something lighter on your face during the day? I feel like coconut oil would be too greasy for me...

    1. Me, too, I'm such a voyeur!

      At first I thought it would be too greasy (which was why I got the rosehip oil), but lately I've been using the coconut oil more than rosehip before putting on my makeup and surprisingly hasn't been an issue at all! Would highly recommend.

      PS. Am experimenting with a ridiculously amazingly-scented mix of coconut oil + essential oils that I will hopefully have ready to share later this week...have been dousing my entire body + face in it the last few days and am washing my hands even more often than usual so I have an excuse to reapply.
      Was tempted to take it with me to AIRE for my massage but restrained myself. ;)

  3. This is so interesting! I'm going to be more adventurous with it!

    1. Let me know how it goes——I have so much fun experimenting now.

      Am waiting for my most recent order of new oils to arrive so I can play mad scientist again :).


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