Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

{ Our Thanksgiving table | November 2012 }

Growing up, my parents worked six days a week and every holiday of the year, apart from Christmas Day, New Year's Day, July 4th and Thanksgiving—and yet, they managed to make every single special occasion festive, celebratory (always, always with gold-rimmed china, gold chargers and sparkly crystal) and full of good food. Like any family we had tense moments so the conversation wasn't always flowing, but our eyes and bellies were always satisfied, even if our hearts weren't. Sometimes I thought they were crazy to go through all the effort and wear themselves down, and sometimes I still think they did too much, but then other times I'm so very thankful they did everything they could to give us those bright moments during my childhood, even if it cost them their own sanity.

Which is why this year we thought we'd take it easy (especially after hosting a mini feast last year—I'm still tired thinking about it), but Wednesday night rolled around and I was really, really sad about nothing Thanksgiving-y planned for Thursday, especially when I saw everyone else's preparations going on in full force. I conferred with (whined to) R and decided to try and squeeze in a grocery order for some harvest-y type dishes. We had already planned to have another heritage chicken, but I decided there was no way I could get through the day without at least a hint of pumpkin and spice.

In the end we had a lazy morning with coffee and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a walk around the waterfront and to check in on and pine for the pooches at the dog run, a minimalist (but still tasty) dinner, followed by (gluten-free, mostly vegan) pumpkin pie at home before engaging for the first time ever in a true American Thanksgiving tradition: we headed out to see Skyfall. If there was ever a movie that sat squarely in my preferred genre (much like "The Fallen Angel", the book I'm reading now) it's a James Bond movie—international city jumping, sexy characters (and cars!) and dry wit. Loved it.

We worked Friday (me from home, so I was able to sneak in an afternoon nap on the couch in a patch of sunlight—so decadent!) and rewarded ourselves for managing that with a session at Aire Ancient Baths today. People: if you are in New York, please go. We had been trying to find a reason to treat ourselves ever since this underground, thermal spa that started in Spain finally arrived in Tribeca earlier this year, but could never justify the price. I was even thisclose to pulling the trigger on Wednesday (when I was in my pre-Thanksgiving doldrums), but stopped myself. Then Thursday evening those sweet sybaritic Spaniards put up a huge promotion on Facebook and I had us booked exactly two minutes after seeing it. We both did the 90-minute bath, but I tacked on a massage (when in an ancient spa...).

Spas and saunas have so many therapeutic benefits (in addition to the pampering bliss, of course), but the places that are affordable in NYC are just too dank and unappealing for me to even bother and those that are elegant and luxurious are too pricey, but after experiencing the amazingness that is Aire, I think I might find a way to justify the full price next time (maybe).

If you need convincing, I'll just leave you with these:
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Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and are enjoying your weekends!


  1. Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful! Sometimes it's nice to just take it easy. I know I'm still spent from cooking all week and hosting. It was worth it, but I need a nap!
    I just clicked over to the Aire site - definitely adding that to my NYC bucket list. I'm thinking some time there and dinner at Candle 79 or Pure Food & Wine (also on my list) would make for a pretty awesome day.

    1. If you're still feeling a little weary from TG, seriously come down and check out Aire. You will pop out of there feeling downright spry!

      It was just amazing. Will share a little more later because am still feeling completely blissed out, but more must be said! A session there and dinner at either Candle 79 or Pure Food and Wine would be divine. I like how you think :).



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