Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trekking in tights

*sparklingly (
{ This photo taken 6 seconds before I snagged myself on my desk drawer. }

Yesterday was one of those days.

Let me rephrase that: yesterday morning was one of those mornings.

Didn't sleep well at all. Rolled my eyes when the alarm went off and reset it for an hour and a half later. Checked the weather when I finally got out of bed and saw "wintry mix". Perfect, I thought, this means I have to pack a second pair of shoes to wear at work, since I learned last time around that shuffling around in clunky bad-weather-boots all day is a surefire way to be pissy thanks to a lethal combination of not feeling cute + feeling decidedly "steamy" in my shoes. I figured I could at least try out my new tights and heels (which I hadn't worn because I've been walking to work), so I packed those for the office.

I left the house with my new winter cream tights pulled on, snow parka buckled up, wool hat tugged low over my forehead, fur hood pulled close on top of my hat, my work bag (filled with more than usual, of course) heaved over my shoulder and gloves jammed onto my hands. Made it to the elevator only to realize my fool wallet was still sitting on the dresser—I had forgotten it there when I changed bags that morning.

Back to the house, cursing as I debated whether or not to remove my high, lace-up boots before hotfooting back across the apartment for my wallet (will let you decide what I ended up doing), back out the door, realizing one glove fell out of my hand when I took them off to open the door, so back INTO the apartment to retrieve escapee glove and back out yet again (letting the door slam behind me this time).

Then: the most swealtery, drippy-haired walk (no: TREK) to work ensued (those newscasters forgot to mention wintry mix + STIFLING HUMIDITY). As a bonus for Chinatown's viewing pleasure: my shoelaces came untied and I had to unbecomingly-bend-over to retie them and in the process my hulk-of-a-bag slipped off my shoulder and slammed me in the face. Lovely.

A most obnoxious start to an 8.5-hour stint in the office.

Also, I think I hate both these tights and these shoes. Ugh.


  1. Don't you just love mornings like that? When I was working in an office, it would never fail that on days when I painstakingly straightened my hair or decided to dress up, it would rain/snow/sleet. Which would mean that not only did I end up looking like a mess, but the trains would be jam-packed and steamy and someone's umbrella would be dripping all over me. Lovely.
    I like your shoes and tights though. :)

    1. So glad I didn't have to manage the subway yesterday, too! I would have vividly expressed my Rage Against Mankind if someone even came close to MAYBE dripping on me.

      Today I retaliated against the universe with a perfectly weather-appropriate hairstyle/outfit/bag contents. Feeling much better about life in general, now.

      (And, thanks! re: shoes/tights! Will give them another spin and maybe when I'm less grumpy will like them more ;) )

  2. OMG that right there is like ME in 'sempreprimavera' time. OHHHHhhh so painful!!!!! I always wear a t-shirt (or short sleeves) under my coat, anything more and I'm too hot, because the train is hot and of course the office is always hot....

    1. Seriously. I seem to remember some Staten Island Ferry stories about this. Am thinking my hair is serious contributor to hullabahoo, too. It's like a 3-foot long black scarf simultaneously choking/suffocating me!

  3. Hi, J. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I feel like I'm about to embark on a crazy morning myself with a torrential downpour happening right now (it hardly ever rains at all here) and I have to decide how much I care about my appearance for the one class I teach on Fridays (survey says: very little). Anyway, I hope your week improved. Oh, and how many times have I hit myself in the face with a bag when I've bent down? Too many to count.

    1. Hi there, Kate!

      Happy to report that things improved considerably :).

      I like how you think—I should have gone the same route and realized yucky weather day = let's not try and be a hero with a dolled-up appearance :). Hope the weather doesn't muck up your day too much!



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