Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My husband is away with his brother (who’s visiting the US from Sicily) for a few days, and with last night taken over by work and election stress (both taking place at a friend’s apartment), tonight was my only night to regress to my early twenties and completely revel in being alone.

The plan was to warm up some roast chicken, make some pumpkin soup (was so hungry by the time I came home I threw it together pretty quickly, so wasn’t exactly what I wanted), roast some cabbage with a spicy dressing, light some candles, and relax with knitting, tea, and Gilmore Girls. A version of the majority of that happened, but time and subway snow issues worked against me and by the time I was finally settled I had to start getting ready for bed.
*sparklingly (
{ Daytime coziness }

There’s only been a handful of times that my husband has been away (he doesn’t travel for work, so it’s really only if family comes to town and they go away on a side trip for a few days), so I was really looking forward to my one night of singledom (which for me does not mean going out with wanton abandon but snuggling up with TV shows that give R a headache) and have to say, was in a rather foul mood that it didn’t pan out as I wanted. After Hurricane Sandy and having guests for the better part of two months, I really wanted to loll about lazily and spoil myself silly.

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