Monday, November 26, 2012

Fondue femmes

*sparklingly (
{ New batch of Fall'ish flowers at home }
Good: Forcing myself to break from my usual homebody/loner tendencies and accept an invitation to a "school-night" fondue party with girls I hadn't met before. Ended up having such a good time chatting with a bunch of other similarly mixed-background-mixed-couple-chickadees that I didn't walk in my door until after midnight (this from the girl who's sleeping by 10PM).

Topics of note included:
+ Volunteering in Hurricane Sandy-stricken areas

+ Judaism: how did it come to be a religion and an ethnicity?

+ Middle Eastern cultures and languages: Arab vs. Indo-European

+ Features of babies from mixed parents: do they really change drastically
   after the first few years?

+ Excess body hair: the plight of the non-white woman

+ Do gay men tend to make out with straight women?

+ Would inviting a notoriously shy guy into a hot tub full of women break
    him of his shyness or scar him for life? (A few girls headed out on a ski trip
    were strategizing)

(You see that we started off high-brow and slowly veered into the ridiculousness...I'm not saying it was the wine, was the wine).

Not so good: Being too keyed up from all the fun to actually go to sleep, despite the behind-the-eye-burning sensation, so I futzed around online for a good while and finally turned the light off a few hours before my alarm would buzz. Major fuzziness and lethargy ensue addition to the already insistent post-vacation blah-ness.

Better: Receiving Facebook requests from new friends (I'm still really the awkward, "do-they-like-me?" 14-year-old at heart).

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