Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from Honduras!

{ R surveying the sea | Honduras | December 2012 }

Christmas Eve means more to both of us in our individual traditions (which is good for our joint!), but in this land of no clocks, no Christmas trees and no midnight mass, all the days are melding together and I missed wishing you all on Christmas Eve, but here I am on Christmas Day!

Since arriving on Saturday we've been in (mostly) blissful ignorance of everything else in the world but this turquoise sea, this white sand, and each other. We're filling our days with frequent dips in the water, jaunts around this little island in a pair of kayaks, rowdy card games and keeping our things out of grabby monkey hands (more on that later). Hope you all are having a nice wind-down of your year, too.


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