Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh, the places you'll go

Riserva dello Zingaro, Sicily
{ Riserva dello Zingaro | Sicily | September 2010 }
Sometime during a college break I wandered into my mom's craft room and grabbed a scrap of lavender cloth and used it to bind a notebook—it had beautiful paper but a horrific cover that needed to be hidden ASAP. On one of the first pages of the book I scrawled out a "life plan" (almost 0 of which has actually happened, so there's that) and a list of places to go (some of which has happened).

For inspiration, and to remind myself, here's that original list, along with some additions...and annotations (for the places that I think about often):

+ Scandinavia: specifically, the Aeroe Islands, the Åland Islands, Copehnagen, Lapland, Gotland, Malmo, Reykjavik, Kullaberg, Nordkapp and Skagen, to start. (ETA: North Cape of  Norway)

+ Egypt: I've been obsessed with Egypt for years, especially Ancient Egypt. I would have fit in so well—no one loves flitting about more in light-colored linen, gold/copper/bronze and gem stones, and lounging about on marble slabs in spas than I do. Not to mention: powerful women, hedonism and an ever-present emphasis on learning. I would do Ancient Egypt so well. Would love to do 10 days of intense travel through the interior and along the Nile, book-ended by a few days at a seaside resort.

+ Grecian Isles: I spent a few days in Athens and Santorini a few years ago, but I always thought it would be nice to rent a boat and a captain and sail through a portion of the country's maze of islands for a few days...or weeks.

+ France: I also wouldn't mind seeing the French countryside—I don't know if just seeing Paris/Versailles should really count as checking this country off of my list.

+ Turkey: There was a line in that movie "A Walk to Remember" about being in two places at once (and the guy makes the girl's dream come true by having her straddle the state line), but I'd like to do the same in Turkey—except, straddle two continents, crisscrossing between Europe and Asia and enjoying all that that means: the collision of food, culture, art, architecture, spices, attire, etc. 

+ Prince Edward Island: I do have a thing for Anne Shirley and Avonlea, you know.

+ Spain, specifically, Andalucia: On the fateful trip when I met R, I almost didn't. I had originally planned to spend that month after graduation in Spain, but I ended up in Italy. Almost 8 years later, I still haven't seen Spain.

+ Caribbean Cocoa trail: I've actually spent a bit of time in the Caribbean, but there's a smattering of more "exotic" islands that I'd love to trek through, especially after reading this NYT piece about the Cocoa Trail.

+ Ireland/Wales/Scotland: I like rolling hills, greenery, whiskey/scotch, dogs, horses, castles, foxes and tartan. Plus I don't mind gray/overcast weather, so really this trip should have happened by now. (Am a little worried on the food front, but, I'll manage).

+ The US: I really need to see some of the middle of the country—especially the mountains and deserts.

+ The rest of Europe: Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ireland

+ The Middle East: Lebanon, Syria, Israel, UAE, Qatar

+ Asia: Thailand, Maldives,

+ Australia and New Zealand

+ Africa:  Morocco, South Africa, Kenya

+ South America: Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru

And, another scribble in the notebook (that I've also updated), because I can't get enough of lists—where I've been, so I don't forget:

+ The US/Canada: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, Montreal

+ Europe/Africa: France, Germany, England, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Malta, Sweden, the Netherlands, Vatican City

+ Caribbean/Latin America: Turks & Caicos, the Dominican Republic, Antigua, the Bahamas, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica

+ South America: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay

+ Asia: India

What's on your list?


  1. ohhhh we have so many places in common!!! i love the island choices very interesting! big island lover here too! hmmm you better chop chop and scratch off some of these US/Canada off your list!!! before you move to this side of the pond. I regret not doing more US sight seeing when it was right there... soooo get started!

    1. I know, I know, that was our plan for this year (and we made some progress, saw parts of the SE of the US that we hadn't before, but our planned trip to the western mountains/deserts of the US and Vancouver/Banff and PEI of Canada hasn't panned out...yet).

      As for stuff in common, well maybe when we're on the same continent again we can plan some little trips together! :)

  2. My favorite place we went this year (and which I therefore recommend) was definitely Tromsø, Norway!

    1. Ah, yes, I had said Lapland, intending to include all of the northern Scandinavian countries (even though that's wrong geographically), but definitely Tromsø, Norway should be included especially after hearing about/seeing pics of your trip!


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