Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to embrace a gray Sunday

*sparklingly (
{ Belgian hot chocolate from Le Pain Quotidien with jauntily placed pinecone }

+ Let yourself sleep in until 9:30AM, since you strolled in the door at the tardy hour of 1AM after a very, very fun dinner party uptown (how d'ya like them apples, NYT?).

+ Shuffle into the kitchen, fire up the moka.

+ Spend an hour over coffee and a spicy brunch at your table poking around online.

+ Do a few hours of work (for a project you enjoy).

+ Bundle up for a leisurely hour-long walk uptown to a coffee shop to meet your team.

+ Enjoy a pot of hot chocolate...with a pinecone propped against a candle for a dash of holiday cheer.


  1. hmmm this is very open ended... I'm now very curious about this "project" you enjoy. And what's the story behind your Belgian hot chocolate? Funny how I was thinking to do a recipe of belgian hot chocolate because it is quite different then your regular one. How did you get into it?

    1. Ha, I like how skeptical you are!

      The "project" is a side consulting project I'm working on on the weekends with a few friends/colleagues from my old company—has to do with the health/wellness industry, hence my enjoyment :).

      The story behind the Belgian hot chocolate is that I didn't feel like having coffee and the little cafe we were meeting at had some special "unsweetened dark Belgian hot chocolate", so I ordered it. And it was delicious. I've always liked it because it's darker/bitter/thicker than regular watered-down, overly-sweet, runny hot chocolate. It was more like chocolate pudding. :)


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