Friday, December 14, 2012

Carafes, castles & clans

Gambino Vini vineyards Linguaglossa Sicily
{ A favorite Sicilian winery | Gambino Vini | Linguaglossa | September 2011 }

I've moved on from listening to Friends clips on my walks home and I've ventured into re-watching episodes of shows I've already seen via Netflix Mobile. Lately I've been going through Season 1 of Brothers & Sisters and you know what that means?

+ I always crave a glass of wine as soon as I get home (they are always drinking!)

+ I need a house like Nora's (this was decided a long time ago, but I'm reconfirming).

+ I may be reassessing my initial thoughts on a maximum of two children—who
   wouldn't want to create a lively tribe like that?

   (This is serious: I've always been in the two-kids camp, because I know myself
   and my patience levels and what I can handle, but lately, even without watching
   this show, I've been thinking it might be nice to create and nurture and mold the
   family that I've always dreamed of...)

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