Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday meanders: 4

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I'm currently on holiday in Honduras with the hubby (oooo alliteration...although I despise the word 'hubby'), but put this together last week before taking off. Enjoy—and hope you're all having a good start to your week!

+ Strengthening sweetness and stimulating spiciness: Oh me oh my, I could smell the scent wafting through the air just from reading this goodness from Rachel in Rome (her lovely picture shown above).

+ Flitting and flanerie-ing: So much to love about this post from Sarah in Sydney (hmm, sensing a pattern here) on the French idea of taking a wander around the city just to absorb and soak it in. No goal in mind, other than to revel in your surroundings and maybe indulge in a local goodie or interaction with your neighbor. It's slightly akin to the Italian "dolce far niente", or the beauty of doing nothing, although the latter doesn't necessarily imply a stroll. I think this makes my daily and weekend walks much more special because now they have a spot-on name, no?

+ Instastealing? So apparently a lot of the Instagram hullabahoo last week was just a result of bad writing and they have no intention of stealing your photos for advertising campaigns, of which only they will profit in. Good to know (not that I use Instagram all that much, but still...).

+ Spidey sense: Have to agree. Best. Picture. Ever.

+ Waldorf Astoria: Sweet story of a couple returning to the grand hotel where they spent their wedding night in 1952 for a milestone anniversary—turns out, the WA honors your original room rate (if you have your receipt, of course). So instead of paying $3,450 for a night, this couple paid $21. Excellent for the brand, but in general, just a cleverly awesome thing to do.

+ Celestial Lights: Gorgeous, gorgeous video of the northern lights above Norway, Finland and Sweden.

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