Friday, December 7, 2012

(Out of the) ordinary

*sparklingly (
{ A page from my newest (covered) library book }

Because I'm so particularly particular, there are certain things I do that some might find unusual, but I myself find regular (ha: channeling Chandler Bing). In no certain order, here are a few of my quirks:

+ I cover my library books with white paper from my office recycling bin because I like how clean and fresh they look...and also because I'm a major germophobe.

+ Toilet paper rolls must always roll up and over. If it doesn't, the world may end.

+ I can't drink cold water out of a mug (but tea from a teacup/coffee mug is fine).

+ The world will also end if the couch cushions are wonky/smushed.

+ While reading the newspaper there must be a neat—or at least artistically fanned out—pile of read and to-read.

+ If something I'm watching comes with subtitles, I make sure they're turned on...even when it's in English.

+ I cannot walk around with just socks on. Either barefoot or slippers/shoes. Socks on floors freak me out.

+ I cannot unwind/relax after work unless the entire apartment is straightened up. I also can't leave until the same is done...which makes the days that I'm the last to leave and first to return the best.

+ I will only use certain pens (for the last few years I've been stuck on Pilot G2's and Pilot Precise V5 Needle Rollerballs) when I write and shun all others (see: BICs).

+ Talking on the phone is stressful/annoying to me. Would much rather catch-up in person or via text/email/chat.

+ Everything everywhere in the apartment needs to be at perfect angles, in pretty rows, or stacked un-haphazardly.

(Yes, I recognize I may be a little insane.)


  1. waw......... you.are.absolutely CERTIFIABLY NUTS!!!!!!!! :) I'll save you a seat next to me at my next 'crazy doctor' appointment.

    I do agree with the library book syndrome completely!

    and my sock thing- i feel suffocated if socks go over my ankle.. i only wear below ankle socks.. ditto on the turtle necks.

    we are nuts...

    1. Ha, we most certainly are...and I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

      PS. How do you deal with no-socks-over-the-ankle during cold winters?!

  2. I have so many of these same quirks! I can relate to not being able to relax if my apartment is a mess, which makes working from home challenging sometimes. Aaron's more on the messy side and it drives me nuts! Always leaving dishes everywhere, laundry, kitchen cabinets open (I'm making it sound worse than it is - he's normal, I'm a little OCD). I finally gave up on asking him not to do that and I just tidy up every day. Less arguments and a happier marriage. :)
    I'm totally going to start covering my library books in white paper.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I haven't wised up like you have, though—I'm still hoping my husband will one day magically become as OCD as I am and keep things pretty and the way I like it ;). Was it Einstein that said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? That's totally me.

      And, you will LOVE your library books in white! It's so calming to see a crisp stack of books and makes me feel wholesome for some reason. (Besides that and the germ thing, also keeps people from snooping on you when you're in public—not that I read racy things, but it irks me when I notice someone on the subway checking out what I'm reading).

  3. Sometimes I'm amazed at how we're SOO opposite! It's probably good we don't live in the same country or my messy house/lifestyle would drive you nuts!

    1. Awww, this makes me sad! We lived in the same country up until 2'ish years ago and nothing about you drove me nuts—except how far away you were, maybe!

      Besides, opposites attract...and my neuroses only rear their head when it comes to my little space, even so, I can tamp them down for a few days! So, if our high school dream of our kids marrying each other comes true we can still spend holidays together! :)


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