Thursday, December 6, 2012

Undecked halls

*sparklingly (
{ Everyone else is feeling festive | Soho | December 2012 }

I am decidedly un-festive this year.

No decorations at home, no presents being bought/crafted. I'm not even listening to holiday music!

Thanksgiving really does set the tone for the holiday season for me and since we had a muted day this year, I don't think I've fully gotten into the holiday spirit. That plus knowing we'll be out of the city and sans family at the end of the year (so no tree, no Midnight Mass, no Glögg) and I'm feeling decidedly blue (or blah), instead of red and gold and plummy purple.

Not even this adorable series of Scandinavian holiday crafts appearing each day of December like the best advent calendar ever got me in the spirit.

I think I need to just admit to myself that this year is a wash in terms of Christmas festivities...but I can console myself knowing we'll be (mostly) offline and on a beach for two weeks soon.

That's a consolation prize I can get behind.
{ The table set and the apartment decorated for a holiday meal...last year }


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