Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday meanders: 2

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A few tidbits from my online futzing around last week for your afternoon distraction:

+ The epitome of Christmas may be in these cookies (above). Must figure out way to make them gluten-free immediately! No doubt these would put me in the mood.

+ Pets as diamonds: I'm all for sparkly jewels, and I've loved all the pets I've ever had, but this seems like an odd way to memorialize them once they've gone.

+ Cleopatra costume: On the way hand, I'm a little jealous, on the other, this seems like a bit much, even for a supermodel.

+ Pug birthday: I'd be wondering the same thing, dude.

+ Science of gifting: Be merry and regift!

+ What happens when we sleep? 16 things you didn't know, like every person that appears in a dream is someone you've seen in real life—we can only dream about people that appeared in our vision, even if we don't remember having ever seen them. Creepy! (Also, those sleep positions/personality things are spot on: I'm A, C and D).

+ Pop Danthology 2012 is a mashup of 50+ pop songs and it. is. amazing.

+ Culture fading back into nature in this ingenious forest library made of books! The comments are interesting—does using books as a structure mean we no longer need physical books because we've gone digital? Is it really okay to discard books like this, shouldn't they be donated? With all these microenvironments...does it smell (I'm particularly curious about this)? Is it depressing to see remnants of a discarded culture? Regardless, I think the photos and idea (at least initially) are beautiful.

+ Stunning photos of William and Kate. I never got into the royal wedding hype...until the morning of. I was late to work because I watched it on the news and I started crying! (Granted: I do tear up regularly while watching TV, but still). I think there was something about their elegance and commitment and stoicism under pressure that I really admired—and still do.

+ Stagnant love: This popped up in the NYT right after my post about keeping that marital spark alive—but it's not exactly new news. I remember my Psych 101 professor saying passionate love fizzles out after two years, and all you have left is companionship/friendship, so make sure you don't just lust your partner, you like them, too. These guys say you can rediscover each other and rekindle the flame if you can hang on until your kids leave home (but what if you don't have kids?) and that all is not doomed as long as you weave in a few surprises and variety while you wait for your kids to vamoose.

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